The concept of digital marketing within the small and medium sector has many limiting factors, price being the major. Strat Hostess provides these services at rates that have proven to be competitive and through end-to-end management, highly effective.

Strat Hostess further complements your business by providing additional services to boost marketing campaigns and the overall image.of your business with measurable outcomes.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Design
  • On line Ordering
  • Social Media Management
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Newsletter management
  • Brand Identity


WebAds is another great service offering where businesses place ads on high traffic websites with the likes of schools, religious organisations, community projects, etc. Strat Hostess manages the advertising logistics and a portion of the proceeds goes to the organisation within the Strat Hostess portfolio. This allows further monetary empowerment to schools, with strong focus on low-income schools that constantly are in need of external funding. The WebAds are placed within a geographical location closest to your business, thus improving the effectiveness of the ad.


These organisations registers and orders the Kind Hostess offer at a discounted rate. Once the order has been confirmed, Strat Hostess will be in contact to sort logistics of website and WebAds placement.

Business who would like to be part of this opportunity please register and order WebAds to not only expose your brand and product digitally, but also has a chance to give back. Adverts will be placed on website within a geographical location or closest to improve effectiveness of the advert.