Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the essential components of digital marketing, if you think about why you use the search engines for in the first place to enter “keywords” in a search engine looking for something. It could be for information (news & education), entertainment (movies & music) or transaction (buying products or services), effectively you are searching for something that you know exists. Search engines are just an evolved form of yellow pages where you look for products and services that you already know about, that’s why the traffic from search engines are always of higher quality through constant SEO management.


Goals of SEO

Potential customers are searching for something and already know what they want and If they land on a site to find what they are looking for, it may lead to a query and result in a sale. The goal of SEO is to improve your search engine rankings is to gain free traffic from the search engines and the key to this is to let the search engine know of what you offer by improving their hit rates of what is being searched, so if you give the search engine a better understanding of what you offer, the likelihood it will direct the searcher to your website is high.

Factors of SEO

When you think about search engine results, there are two important factors involved in it. One is quality, and the other is relevancy.

Quality: If you are searching for “top 10 laptops” and if there are 50 websites who have written articles about top laptops in the market, you would want the highest quality result to appear on the top. You might not want to read lower quality articles.

Relevancy: If you are searching for “top 10 laptops” and if the search engine shows results for “top 10 mobile phones”, the result will not be useful for you even if the page about the top 10 mobile phones is of superb quality. It is not relevant to you and hence not useful to you.

So the results have to be both of high quality and high relevancy and will not be useful to the internet users. Quality signals are sent mostly by the web users based on their behavior, and we call it off-page SEO. Relevancy signals are mostly sent to Google by Webmasters, and we call it on-page SEO.

Strat Hostess SEO offerings

Strat Hostess has partnered with experts thus providing the key to improving your ranking on search engines. Whether you are large corporate organisation or a small business working at home,our SEO partner base will ensure that your needs are met and managed regularly.

Included in our Complete Hostess range, we provide basic SEO configuration to boost your rankings which includes:

  1. Submission of Sitemap to:
    1. Google
    2. Yahoo
    3. Bing
    4. Ask
  2. Google blacklist check to ensure:
    1. your site is not infected with malware
      no links to sites are infected by malware
      no links to sites with deceptive business practices
  3. Link building to boost your ranking:
    1. 3 backlinks to credible business directories
    2. Creating keyword content including:
      1. SEO focus keyword
      2. Content description
      3. SEO title configuration
      4. Local SEO
  4. Optimising image attributes

For further information of the most appropriate SEO tool to use for your website, contact Strat Hostess today